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Garden Update, Seedlings Gone Wild

Garden Update Banner Seedlings

Well I guess the seedlings really haven’t gone wild but there sure are more of them than I thought I would have this year. Each year I always plant a few extra seeds in each pot when I am planting my vegetables seeds. I seed save from year to year so it can be hit or miss with which seed will germinate. I also often have seeds that I purchased a few years ago so the germination rates can vary.

This year I planted extra seeds again, but the germination rate was very good, too good. So instead of having one or two seedlings per pot I ended up with 4 or more in each pot. I knew I shouldn’t have put so many seeds in each of the tomatoes pots.

Getting Ready to Divide better

Now most gardeners would just pick the strongest plant and snip the rest off at the base. But I just can’t do it. Another reason why I should only put 1-2 seeds in each pot. So this weekend the kids and myself spent some time dividing up the seedlings into new pots.

Seedlings waiting on new homeThis is very delicate work as sometimes the roots are already very tangled up. A couple of the tomatoes will just have to grow side by side as they were badly tangled. But most of them I was able to untangle the roots and divide them up. It took a little while and all the starter pots I owned but now the seedlings have a little more room to grow at least for a while. They are still sharing pots with others but they are set for now.

Plants getting a drink

We definitely have more plants than we can use so I will be sharing with friends and neighbors this year. I am hoping to get the seedlings a little bigger and then find them a new homes. 🙂 I can’t imagine how many vegetables these little plants will produce over this growing season. It is just amazing when you think of the potential of just one little seed.

Seedlings in their cold frame

Transplanted Beets

Since I ran out of pots to transplant to I had to put our beet starts into the garden. We are supposed to be past any threat of frost so they should be fine in their new home.

Here’s a few other pictures of the garden now,

Our rhubarb plants are getting really quite big. The fence behind them is 4 feet tall to give you an idea of how big they are.

Rhubarb Plants


The below photo is of our kale, chives, bush peas and broccoli.

Chive, Bush Peas, Broccoli and Kale

I found a blossom on our strawberry plants today,

Strawberry Blossom

Our raspberries are starting to fill in and the strawberries too,

Strawberries and Raspberries

We have a few blossoms on our blueberries too.

Blueberry Blossoms


My pole peas are starting to grow up the supports I put up. If they grow as tall as last year I will need a ladder to pick them.


Pole peas

Our weather is supposed to be in the 70’s all week so I am sure the plants will love all the sun.

If you have a garden how it is growing this year?



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2 thoughts on “Garden Update, Seedlings Gone Wild”

  1. You’ve already got so much going on in the garden. I recently started seeds in eggshells, paper towel rolls and cans. Can’t let a little thing like not having a pot stop me from planting! Enjoy your bounty!

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