July Garden Update

Garden Update for July | Frugal Family Home

July is almost over and we have been having some really warm weather. Which has worked out well for our garden this year.

July Garden Update

First blossoms on the bush beans | Frugal Family Home


Our bush beans have some blossoms on them. In a week or two we should have some tiny beans on them. Can’t wait to start enjoying some fresh green beans.

The beans are growing over and off the trellis | Frugal Family Home

Our pole beans are growing like crazy. They have started to shoot out above the trellis. I’ve been trying to keep them on it but as you can see in the photo above they want to grow out into the air.

Beautiful Zucchini Blossom | Frugal Family Home

I harvested the first of our zucchini recently. I had checked the plant and it had a very small zucchini on it. Then just two days later there was a huge one to pick. We now have 4 zucchini in the refrigerator that I need to dry or freeze for later use. We roasted on for dinner and it was delicious.

Tomatoes just starting to turn color | Frugal Family Home

The tomato plants are starting to get big. We finally have a cherry tomato that is starting to change color. With all the warm weather lately we should be picking tomatoes soon. Want to know a secret? I hate tomatoes, can’t stand them but I grow them every year because my family, because they love them.

Harvesting Lettuce and Carrots | Frugal Family Home

We have been harvesting lettuce for the last few weeks. It’s so nice to go out to the garden to get salad for dinner. I also found 4 baby carrots ready for harvesting too. We still have a few bush peas but they are fading fast. The pole peas I replanted have a few blossoms on them so we may have more peas soon.

We are just starting to get blossoms on our bell pepper plants | Frugal Family Home

The last few years haven’t been good ones for bell peppers or cucumbers at our house. But this year both of them are doing well. I’m hoping for a good harvest of cucumbers, so I can make pickles. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

The first of our cucumbers | Frugal Family Home

One of our basil plants have really taken off this year and it’s as big as my tomato plants. My husband has a recipe he loves to make with basil leaves. I’m thinking we will have plenty of basil for this recipe all season long.

Our huge basil plant, it's as big as my tomato plants | Frugal Family Home

Our blueberries are doing quite well too. Last year we didn’t get too many off the plants. Between the birds stealing them and the fact we forgot to fertilize the blueberries last year, left us with a small harvest. This year, we remembered to fertilize and we have some nice berries coming on.

Lots of berries on our blueberry plants | Frugal Family Home

Here’s one that’s just about ready to eat.

One of our first blueberries | Frugal Family Home

Hopefully we will get more of them than the birds this year. 🙂

How is your gardening doing this year? What are you harvesting this month?


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2 thoughts on “July Garden Update”

  1. Looks like you’re growing lots of great fruits and vegetables in your garden, Shelly!

    I can’t believe that you hate tomatoes! 🙂 You’re the second person I know that doesn’t like them. My sister-in-law is also not a fan, but we love them.

    I hope things continue to grow well, and I’m looking forward to next month’s update.

    1. Everyone in my family loves tomatoes, I’m the only odd one. 🙂 Our garden is really doing well this year, much better than last year. I think all that compost we added has really paid off.

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