Recycling Project with a Garden Twist

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I like to reuse items as often as I can. So today’s garden post has a recycled project twist. I have been saving our 1-lb strawberry containers for just this project, mini greenhouses. We filled the strawberry containers half full with seed starter soil, then added some seeds, instant greenhouse out of recycled items.

Since we seed save each year from our flowers and vegetables in our garden we had a variety of  seeds to plant. Today we decided to plant some flower seeds. My kids picked out Cosmos, Pansies, Delphinium, Dwarf Bleeding Hearts and Bachelor Buttons. They also decided to plant some herb seeds. We had Basil, Marjoram, Thyme and Flat Leaf Parsley.

Daughter Planting

My kids had fun planting the seeds. My daughter will dig right in and get her hands dirty but my little boy doesn’t like to touch the dirt very much so I helped him use a pencil to make wholes and recover the seeds.

Son Planting

After we had the seeds planted I wrapped each mini greenhouse into a recycled bread bag. Then we lined them up on our refrigerator to keep them warm until they sprout. Once they all sprout we can put the mini green houses outside until the weather is good enough to transplant them.

Seed saving and starting our plants from seeds helps us to save on our annuals and vegetable plants each year. Have you ever tried seed saving?


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4 thoughts on “Recycling Project with a Garden Twist”

  1. What a great idea. I wonder how many of those plastic boxes I have thrown out? They would also work well for rooting plants. I hope you’ll consider sharing this post at Look What We Did, a monthly link up hosted by HammockTracks.

    1. Savannah, I will come over and link up at Hammock tracks thank for the invite to. We used the mini greenhouses last year too. They work out nice as they have the wholes already in the bottom so they don’t hold too much water and they have a little vent where to top and the bottom meet so they don’t get too hot. Plus I get them for free with my strawberries another reason why I like these. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Thanks for linking to Look What We Did. I have featured you in the unit study I created for a new children’s spring poetry book. Thanks again!

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