Ways to Save Money on Spring Flowers

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Ways to Save Money On Spring Flowers

I love to put out annuals each year in our yard. But because they are annuals they only last one year. Replacing them can get expensive. I do have some perennials in our yard. Each year I try to purchase a new perennial plant to add to our garden. Perennials are more expensive so I try to only buy them when they are on sale or at the end of the season. But they come back year after year, so they are worth the extra expense.

Spring flowers for less, ways to save money on spring flowers for your garden.

Seed Saving to Save Money

One way to keep the cost down on the annuals is to save the seeds from the plants from the year before. To seed save you just gather the seeds from the dead head of the flowers.

Save the seeds from the dead flowers for next year.

Put the seeds into an envelope or baggies and store them for the next year. In the spring save a few egg containers and put a little potting soil in the egg containers. Plant a few seeds in each one and once they have sprouted transplant to your garden bed. You may lose a couple but most of mine will grow just fine.

Flowers can be expensive, here's some ways to save money on them.


Purchase Plants in Bulk

Another way to keep the cost down is to purchase flats of annuals. A flat is usually a large tray with no dividers and many plants just planted in it. Most flats have 20 or more plants in them and sometimes up to 50 plants per tray. Most I have purchased are about 40 plants.

These plants are smaller than the ones you can purchase individually but they will still grow to a nice size with a little compost or fertilizer. The downside to purchasing annuals this way is you get only one kind of flower instead of a variety.

Ways to save money on spring flowers


Watch for Sales

If you don’t want to plant from seed and want some variety in the flowers you have you can wait for a sale. In our area you can usually get the multi-packs of annual relatively inexpensive. By buying the 4 or 6 packs of flowers you get smaller flowers but at a better price than the ones that are planted separately. I will buy one multi-pack of each kind of flower I like. Then, I plant the small starts and with a little fertilizer or compost, soon I have very nice sized plants with beautiful flowers.

Great ways to save money on spring flowers

I usually will use one of these ideas and sometimes all three depending on how much time for planting I have and how many good sales I can find.

How do you save on spring flowers for the garden?


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6 thoughts on “Ways to Save Money on Spring Flowers”

  1. What good ideas! I haven’t bought much in the way of flowers, just enough for a few hanging pots, but I’m going to have to use your ideas.

  2. Great tips! We have a shop near us that sells all really small plants for super cheap. By the end of the summer they’re huge so it’s a perfect deal. Now we just need the warmer weather… Thanks for the tips!

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