Spring in our Garden, a Few Pictures from My Garden

Things are slowly waking up at our house in our garden. I love it when I start to see some plants popping up out of the soil. We have had some warmer days, days that have been in the 60’s. Which means it is time to get some gardening started around our house.

I already turned over the soil in our garden and added compost too. I have some peas, broccoli and kale I planted last week that are just starting to sprout. Maybe next week I can get a few pictures of those too. That is if the birds will quit digging them up.

Here’s a  few pictures of what I could find in my garden. While it is still just getting started I loved to see the new leaves just forming on the raspberries along with the chives so nice and tall.

RaspberriesChives Our daffodils are a little top heavy with the rain we had over the weekend but still very beautiful.



My rhubarb is growing great. I think I could stand there and watch it grow, as it is growing so fast. I can’t wait to make some more rhubarb jam.


That’s what is up and growing at my house. What is up and growing at your house this time of year?


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2 thoughts on “Spring in our Garden, a Few Pictures from My Garden”

  1. Your daffodils are so pretty! I would love to have a raspberry bush out in my backyard so that I could have fresh raspberries anytime 🙂 Looking forward to more pictures of your garden during the summer!

    1. Having the raspberries is great. The kids can just grab a few when they are outside and just eat them. I am hoping to share pictures each week or every other week during the growing season.

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