30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Project #11 Bathroom Update

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Project #11 Bathroom Update,

How did you do on your cleaning today? I found my bathroom wasn’t too bad this time around. Our main bathroom had a few stray items to be put away. Then I got down to cleaning. I tried a new homemade bathroom cleaner and I found that it worked really well.

But I underestimated how sudsy the formula would be, so I spent a little extra time trying to get it all cleaned off the counter and toilet. Just imagine me wiping with a wet rag and more and more suds just keep appearing. Finally after the suds died down a bit I used a dry rag to wipe the surface off.

But the cleaner did work just as well as my scrubbing bubbles which really pleased me. I will just need to remember to use it sparingly. 🙂

My to do cleaning list took me a little longer than I had hoped. To clean both of the bathrooms took me about 35 minutes. So not too bad but I was hoping to finish in 20 minutes. Maybe if I had used a little less cleaner I could have gotten done in time. 🙂

Here’s the before and after photos of my main bathroom. Our downstairs bathroom is so very small I just can’t get a decent picture of it.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before 2



As you can see we ended up with more toys in the bathroom again this week. Why I don’t quite know.

Bathroom After


Bathroom After #2


I forgot to take a picture of my shower curtain. For some reason it builds up muck at one end and I used the homemade spray cleaner on the curtain and it cleaned it really nice. I was happy I didn’t have to remove the shower curtain to clean it. 🙂

I would love to hear how your cleaning when today. Just leave me a little note in the comments and a link to a post if you have one. 🙂


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