30 Day House Cleaning Challenge..Project #17 Light Switches, Door Knobs

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Project #17, Light Switches, Door Knobs , Handrails, all those touchy things

How did your bathroom cleaning go yesterday? I hope it was an easy task for you. I am glad to see that today’s task is an easy one. This is also a good one to have the kids help with. 🙂

For today’s task you’ll want to go around and wipe down all the items that get touched so often but not cleaned very often. Things like the phones, door knobs, light switches, plugin covers, handrails for the stairs and remotes. All the items the germs just lay in wait for you on. 🙂 Can you tell I don’t like germs.

Here is my plan for myself and the kids today,

  • Wipe down all door knobs
  • Wipe down all the phones and try not to speed dial anyone (don’t forget your cell phone)
  • Wipe down all the light switches
  • Wipe down the hand rails going upstairs and downstairs
  • Wipe down the plugin covers (at my house on the top these build up dust, does that happen to you too)
  • Wipe down the remotes

I am thinking this task will only take 10-15 minutes tops for the kids and myself to complete.

Happy Cleaning!


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