30 Day House Cleaning Challenge.. Project #22 Update

30 Day House Cleaning BannerProject #22 Update,

Since I have been following along with the tasks each day our bedrooms weren’t bad at all. Our master bedroom just need a two items put away and that was all. The kid’s bedroom had a few more items scattered but all in all they weren’t bad at all either.

To clean all the bedrooms with my kids help only took about 30 minutes so we had lots of time to do other things today which was great. I like doing a little cleaning each day as it really helps to keep the house looking great.

Evidently, my son’s room was the only room I remembered to take a before picture so here it is,

Before Son Bedroom


and here’s the after photos,

Bedroom After Son's Room After Daughter's room after


How did your cleaning go today? Are you finding that your cleaning goes quicker since you have been doing small jobs each day?


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4 thoughts on “30 Day House Cleaning Challenge.. Project #22 Update”

  1. I am definitely finding that cleaning up has been quicker since starting this challenge. Also, I don’t want to leave stuff out to “mess up” my clean house!

    I worked on the bedroom closet today and picked up my sons room. It was very productive, and I feel good having accomplished it :).

  2. Your little guy is so adorable!

    I am finding that the cleaning goes more quickly when I do a little bit each day. I am also more motivated by having a blog challenge, since I will have to post about it in the evenings 🙂

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