30 Day House Cleaning Challenge.. Project #23 Update

30 Day House Cleaning BannerProject #23 Update,

Today I recruited my kids to help with the vacuuming of the whole house. We have a stick broom vacuum and a Kirby vacuum so we got both of them out today and went to work. My son vacuumed the kitchen, while my daughter vacuumed the living room. Then I took a vacuum on the next room to give one of the kids a break. In no time the whole house was vacuumed.

Here’s a few pictures of the kids helping,

Son Vacuuming Daughter Vacuuming

How did you do on your cleaning? Were you able to get the whole house vacuumed today?


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4 thoughts on “30 Day House Cleaning Challenge.. Project #23 Update”

  1. I didn’t do any vacuuming today (I still have leftover clean from yesterday :)). But I did tackle the kitchen and dining room tile – one of my least favourite jobs. But oh how good it looks!

    Great job on your vacuuming success!

  2. How sweet is that picture of your son vacuuming! I waited until the evening to vacuum so that it would be nice and clean when our company came over. It didn’t take me too long, although I had to stop a few times to empty the filter, which was full of dog hair 🙁 It’s amazing how one small animal can shed so much hair and still have enough to cover his entire body!

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