30 Day House Cleaning Challenge..Project #24 Cleaning the Linen Closet

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Project #24 Cleaning the Linen Closet

Do you have linen closet that is so disorganized you need to stand back when you open the door to avoid getting hit with things? Well if that is the case today’s cleaning task is for you. My linen closet used to be a danger zone, while it is much more organized now, it could still use some cleaning. My linen closet holds the few linens we own but it also is home to my stockpile of shampoo, conditioner, razors, vitamins and the like. So I already have it organized fairly well but I know there are a few items that could be organized a little better.

My cleaning tasks for today are

  • Re-fold the linens and sheets as needed
  • Organize each of the shelves
  • Re-organize the basket items
  • Straighten up the rags basket
  • Remove any items that don’t belong
  • Restock shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom out of the linen closet

What tasks will you be taking on today?


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