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30 Day House Cleaning Challenge..Project #3, Bedroom Surface Cleaning

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 Project #3, Master Bedroom

I hope your cleaning has been going well for you this week. I am already very pleased with how nice and clean the house is looking.

Today’s task is to surface clean the bedroom. Your bedroom should be a place or rest and not one of clutter and chaos. So today is the day to get your bedroom transformed into a peaceful oasis. Are you with me?

What I will be working on today,

  • Removing any visible clutter and putting those items into their rightful spot or into a donation box if appropriate.
  • Dusting the ceiling fan, and all the surfaces in the room
  • Cleaning the mirrors
  • Vacuuming the hardwood floor along with the vent
  • Mopping up the hardwood floor with vinegar and water
  • Cleaning the window

I will post later today my before and after pictures of the bedroom so be sure to check back later today.

Happy Cleaning!


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