30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Project #4, Surface Clean Other Rooms

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How did your bedroom cleaning go yesterday? I was so glad to get the clutter out of the bedroom.

Today’s task is to surface clean “other rooms”. Yes other rooms, plural. So I thought for a minute, my house has five other rooms. Should I really take on all five today? Well I only thought about that for about one minute. The thought of cleaning 5 rooms today was just too much with the homeschooling, dinner making and other things I need to get done. So the only logical thing for me to do was to pick a couple to work on.

Since we have a tri-level home and the main floor is all clean, I thought I would work on finishing up the upper floor today. I already cleaned the bathroom and the master bedroom so that only leaves two rooms, the kids rooms.

Here’s my list of tasks for today,

  • Make beds
  • Dust all surfaces and ceiling fans
  • Organize and put away any stray items
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Mop the hardwood floors
  • Clean the windows and dust the blinds

Those are  the tasks the kids and myself will be working on today.

What rooms will you be working on today at your house?


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