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30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Project #8 Update

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Update Project #8,

How did you do on your cleaning for today? I  vacuumed my whole house and cleaned up the kitty litter in our laundry room. I think I could vacuum the laundry room each day but in just minutes the cat can have cat litter on the floor again. 🙁

Kirby Vacuum

I broke out the vacuum and went floor from floor. Getting each floor clean. The house was really quite clean still from the cleaning I did last week. So this turned out to be a quick job. I think it took me more time carrying the Kirby vacuum up and down the stairs than it took me to actually do the vacuuming.

Floor with Vacuum

The kids helped me do a 10 minute quick pick up of the house. There wasn’t too many items lying around from this weekend just a few items here and there. All in all we were done in about 30 minutes today.

Living Room Carpet Cleaned

I love it when the house looks so nice, neat and clean.

Did you get some cleaning done today? What tasks did you take on today?


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2 thoughts on “30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Project #8 Update”

  1. I also did my vacuuming today. I had planned to get it done in the afternoon, but my little boy was so tired that I had to put him down for a nap. Not wanting to wake him up, I only did the basement in the afternoon and saved the rest of the vacuuming for around bed time. It was nice to wake up to the the house all clean and picked up!

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