30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Project #9 Update

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Project #9 The Bedrooms Update,

This morning right away I worked in the bedrooms to get my cleaning done for the day. I had already made my bed as soon as I got up so that task was already done. I just needed to do a good dusting. I found quite a bit of dust even though I just dusted really well last week. I also needed to get the fingerprints off of our mirror closet doors. Those just seem to appear overnight also.

Master Bedroom

Once my own bedroom was finished I moved into my son’s room. He had been playing with toys on his top bunk of his bunk beds and the toys all got left out. As you can see from the photo below. So I collected the toys and returned them to their rightful homes and just had to straighten up the bedding.

Son's Bedroom

I was pleased to see the bookshelf was still nice and neat from the cleaning I did last week. So I just needed to do a little dusting and that room was done.

Daugter's Room

Then it was onto my daughter’s room she did most of the work herself. I just helped out with a little dusting and that’s all . Her room didn’t need to much either it just needed to be straightened up a bit.

It took us about 15 minutes to complete the cleaning tasks today which was nice to have it done and out-of-the-way. I like being able to spend just a few minutes here and there to keep the house looking so good. I think when it comes to cleaning doing a little each day before any area gets too bad is the way to go. So much easier than letting it go until it becomes the task is so big it takes a full day to tackle. 🙂

Did you get a little cleaning time in today? What tasks did you work on?


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