30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Projects #12-14

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Projects #12 Cleaning the Closets, #13 Surface Clean Extra Rooms and/or #14 Deep Clean Bedrooms

Today you and I have a choice of what cleaning we would like to do. I don’t do the challenge over the weekend so I end up having extra tasks to choose from come friday. So for today you also have a choice to do one or all three (if you are a ninja cleaner).

Out of the three, cleaning the closets, surface clean extra rooms or deep clean the bedrooms, the area that need the most help is our closets. So that is what I will be working on today. We have 6 closets in our home so I am going to take on cleaning half of them today. An easy one (the entry closet) and two messier ones (the kid’s closets)

Our bedrooms are really quite clean except for the closets so by doing the closets I can actually deep clean the bedrooms and clean the closets both. 🙂

My tasks for today,

  • Remove all items from the closet.
  • Clean the floor of the closets
  • Throw away, recycle or give away any clothing that is too small
  • Organize the items that are going back into the closet.

The kids closets will be the biggest challenge for today. The entry closet looks fairly good but just needs to be re-organized and the floor wiped up. I am hoping to be done in about an hour. At least that is my plan.

What is on your cleaning plan for today?


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