30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Projects #30 and 31

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Projects #30 and #31, Clean One Thing and Clean The Electronics

This is the last day of the challenge and since the month of April only has 30 days I am lumping together the last two tasks. For the first task of clean one thing, I am going to clean the oven today as I haven’t done that task in a while and it really needs to be done.

I will also be wiping down all of our electronics, the phones and the remotes. I think the kids will be good helpers and can take on the phones and remotes for me.

Our cleaning tasks for this last day of the challenge

  • Clean the oven
  • Clean the computer
  • Clean the phones
  • Clean the remotes

I am hoping to get the cleaning done in about a half an hour. The last time I cleaned the oven it took hours, but it isn’t as bad as it was then.

Happy Cleaning!


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