30 House Cleaning Challenge..Projects #30 and #31 Update

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Project #30 and #31 Clean One Thing and Clean the Electronics

Today was the last day of the challenge so I combined the last two tasks into one day. My tasks today were to clean the oven, which is a job I don’t really like to do. Also on my plan of tasks was to clean the phones, remotes and computer.

I broke out my steam cleaner to clean the oven with. It did a really good job of removing most of the muck but there was a little baked on stuff I had to take a razor blade and S.O.S pads too. It is still not perfect but the oven looks so much better.

Oven Door Before Oven Before


Oven After Oven Door After

I also had the kids help me wipe down the remotes, phones and I used the special rag to clean my computer screen too. I had already wiped down the tv screen over the weekend. I don’t know how so many spots end up on it but it is all clean now.

Cleaned Computer and phone and iPad

So that is it for this month’s challenge. I hope you enjoyed following along with me. I know my house is much more clean now. I hope yours is too.


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