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31 Days to Clean the Reboot Day 11

Day 11 Dining Room

Martha Challenge Pick any area to clean in the dining room.

Since I only have a table in my dining room I decided to do a quick clean of everything. There were a few smudges on the sliding glass door, some cobwebs on the skylights and the tablecloth was dirty. So that is what I tackled today.



The kids helped me by vacuuming while I did the cleaning of the sliding glass door. Then I climbed on top of the table with the vacuum to vacuum the skylights as there were a few cobwebs up there. After we were all done cleaning we needed to put everything back.


 Now the room looks really nice. I put a new tablecloth on the table and with everything dusted and clean it looks really nice.

Mary Challenge To tell where you need the most encouragement.

I think my area I need the most encouragement in right now is time management.

Taking time to do the best things and not just the good things. My kids are not going to remember how clean the house was or how they always had clean clothes when they needed them. But my son is going to remember all the times we ran around the house playing tickle guns or drive through. My daughter will remember the time I took to teach her how to sew or cook or bake. I need to make sure I make time each day for the really important things, the legacy things that will be passed on to my grandkids and beyond.

The Challenges I will be working on today

Day 12 The Reboot

Mary Challenge Are you struggling with joy in where you are? What’s getting in the way of you being content with where you’re at in life? Pray about these things.

Martha Challenge Finish up the dining room.





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