31 Days to Clean…The Reboot Day 3

Day 3

The Reboot When Life Becomes Worship (on priorities)

The Martha assignment for this day was to clean under the bed. I usually do this twice a year but it is not a task I look forward to doing. I decided since I was cleaning under the bed that I could pull out the bed and clean behind the headboard too.


I really don’t know where all that dust comes from but I am glad to be removing it. Our bed is a platform type bed with drawers underneath of it. So how does that dust work its way under there anyway.

My daughter even cleaned under her bed today for me. It is always great to get the kids to help out. She did a great job.


I was able to finish in about an hour with the cleaning. I put the bed back together went to make lunch, ate and then realized I had not taken a picture to show what I had accomplished. So I pulled out one of the drawers to take a quick photo. No more dust bunnies here.

The Mary Assignment was to make a list of priorities. But instead of just a list to put All of Life is Worship to God at the top and then make the list horizontally under the heading.

I made up my list and placed it in my bedroom where I would see it every night and every morning. I really need to keep thinking about how I can change each day for my life to be closer to what my priorities are. Hopefully by seeing my list each day it can encourage me to do just that.

The challenges I will be working on today

Day 4 of the Reboot

Mary Challenge Look up as many references to the word lazy in the Bible. Then write down the consequences of choosing a lifestyle of laziness. If you have time write down references to diligence and add the blessings of choosing a lifestyle of diligence.

Martha Challenge Catch up day or clean the nightstand.



2 thoughts on “31 Days to Clean…The Reboot Day 3”

    1. I do like this challenge. I like that the cleaning can be done quickly which makes it easier to fit into the day and the Mary challenges are something that I really need right now.

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