31 Days to Clean..the Reboot Day 5

Day 5

Becoming like a slave

Martha Challenge was to work more on the bedroom. So I decided the last piece of furniture in our bedroom that needed help was our old radio. We have a radio in our bedroom that my grandparents had in there home for years. Now it resides in our bedroom and has a nice big top to catch all kinds of stuff.


I moved almost everything off the radio and put these items into a their proper places. I can’t believe we still had baby wipes on this radio, my son is well past the diaper stage. It is funny how you just get used to seeing things and never move them even though they are no longer needed. Here is how it looks now.


I don’t think I remember when the radio was this cleared off. Now I need to keep things from being attracted to that open space.

Mary Challenge was to to seek God to see if there is anything leading me away from Him. Something that I might need to give up or let my grasp go on it so I can serve Him better.

The only thing that came to my mind while praying about it was not something to let go of but something to do more of. I need to spend more time in the God’s word. I feel that is something I don’t do consistently and really need to. Another area is my eating. I know I use food at times to bring myself comfort for things I feel are beyond my control. I know I should be taking these feeling to the Lord in prayer. So I will need to keep working on this area. I will try to really think each time before I eat. I will be asking myself “am I really hungry? or am I just upset?”

Today I will be working on these Challenges

Day 6 The Reboot

Mary Challenge Tell why you clean.

Martha Challenge Pick 5 things to do to declutter/clean the other bedrooms in your home. Pick one for each day of this week.

Check back tomorrow to see how I did. For today’s task I picked to get the donations cluttering our spare bedroom out to garage to take to donate tonight.


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  1. I think I do the same thing with food…and it’s such a habit that I often do it without even thinking about it. I forget to take my troubles to God in those moments and it’s something I really need to work on.

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