It’s Time for Apple Recipes...

These apple pie pancakes are so easy and delicious you need to try them this weekend. And If you haven’t tried this simple and easy apple bread, it’s definitely a recipe you need to try. Perfect for fall. 

31 Days to Clean the Reboot..Day 7

Day 7

Martha Challenge I picked to clean my daughters closet. We had not been through her clothes in a while so there were a few things that needed to be given away, a few things my daughter just doesn’t wear and a few that needed to be taken in. So here is what we started with,



The clothes are now organized by type of clothing. The skirts are now two to a hanger instead four to a hanger. The scarves, hats and bags still look a little messy but I don’t think we can do much better without putting them into a drawer. Now she can find which items she is looking for and now knows what she has to wear. The drawers in her dresser are already nice and organized. She worked on her dresser while I was working last week in my bedroom. She helped to organize her brother’s dresser drawers too. My kids can be such great helpers.

Mary Challenge We actually did this challenge before the cleaning.

First thing was to make sure my goals for the week are manageable. I think I chose pretty well. I am only taking on one area of each room a day instead of the whole room. So most of the tasks this week will take about one hour, but still make a big difference.

Second was to play with the kids. So I told the kids to pick a game and we would play. They picked Mancala and we played two games. My son and myself were a team the first game. The second game the kids were a team. We all had a good time just taking some time to have fun.

The kids setting up the game

The Challenges I will be working on today

Day 8 The Reboot

Mary Challenge Write down all the ways you have felt love in someone else’s home. What little touches warmed your spirit.

Martha Challenge We will be working on my son’s bookshelf today.

You can go over at Sarah Mae’s site, she shared a live cleaning video yesterday you might be interested in.

2 thoughts on “31 Days to Clean the Reboot..Day 7”

  1. Looks good. Love organization. Just a thought. In our closet I searched for inexpensive wood hanging racks (like you would put a coat on) and painted it and hung it. It has three wooden pegs and I have scarves on one and my two purses on the other two. Oh, I forgot, I found mine at a thrift shop for 99c. Walmart has them in their store cheap (check craft) in various locations for different prices.

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