31 Days to Clean The Reboot Day 9 repeat

I know I already did a day nine last week post but because Sarah Mae had family visiting we did not have any Mary Challenges for days 9 and 10. So I will be repeating day 9 and 10 this week.

Day 9 the Reboot (repeat)

Martha Challenge the challenge was to pick one area of the house and see how much you could get done in just 15 minutes. Also to get the kids involved in helping. My son was really excited about this challenge as he loves to time himself doing all sorts of things.

Here is what we started with

During the cleaning, my cleaning helpers

After the timer went off 15 minutes later

Wow, that is a whole lot better. I was really happy with all the help from the kids. We were able to get so much done. We picked up all the toys. De-cluttered the piano, dusted the living room and entryway, vacuumed all the areas plus the kitchen. That is a lot to get done in just 15 minutes. Our dogs thought we had gone crazy the way we were all running around getting the room cleaned up. It was like a game to my son so he really helped more than he normally would.

Mary Challenge Pick a Bible verse and meditate on it for 10 minutes. Really focus on it and try to memorize it by just mediating on it.

The verse I picked

Psalm 121:2 My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.

I was able to memorize this verse easily today with just reading it a few times.

The Challenges I will be working on today

Day 10 the Reboot Laundry Basket Syndrome

Mary Challenge Read Galatians 6:9 What is the reward for persevering? This about this as you do  laundry today.

Martha Challenge See how many load of laundry you can get done today. Make sure to put the first load away before you start a new load.

Have you ever done a quick 15 minute clean? If not you should really try it with the kids it was really fun.

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