4 Weeks To a More Organized Home…Assignment #13

Today’s assignment was to wash the front of the cabinets in the kitchen and to clean the top of the refrigerator. I usually clean the cabinets every month or two so they were not too bad. I used my steam cleaner to clean the cabinets. The steam cleaner takes off all the grease very nicely. Most looked good except for the one over the stove. It seems like every time I clean that one it has a lot of stuff stuck to it.

My kitchen isn’t painted blue but it sure looks like it in this picture it must be the lighting.

I went on the the refrigerator next. 

This is what I started with.

I used my steam cleaner to clean the top of the refrigerator. It was not too dirty up there. I had cleaned it not to long ago. There was a little kitchen grease with some dust. The steam cleaner took it all off really nice.

Here is what it looked like after I was done.

Nice and clean again. I forgot to take a photo once everything was back up.

After I was done with the kitchen I stopped to make some lunch for the kids and myself. Then it was back to work to do a quick clean on the bathrooms. Since I already had the steam cleaner out I used it this time.

Here is the bathroom before

Here is the bathroom afer

Our cat wanted to be in the picture too.

I did not get my 7 items to purge done yesterday so I picked out 14 items today to get caught up. My refrigerator had many magnets we did not need so I got rid of a few of them. I also decided to give away a few of our fabric lunch packs as we only use two or three at the most.

The kitchen is looking really nice now. Everything is so clean and fresh looking. Just a little cleaning and organizing can make such a big difference.

What did you get done on your spring cleaning or organizing today?


2 thoughts on “4 Weeks To a More Organized Home…Assignment #13”

  1. How do you like your steam cleaner? It looks like it did a great job on the cabinets and refrigerator. I’ve been thinking about getting one to do my floors and the shower stall (to get in all the corners really well). Which one do you have?

    1. My steam cleaner works really well and has lots of attachments. I bought it online a couple of years ago. The brand is VX 5000. That is all I can find on the machine. Maybe if you do a swagbucks search? My friend has the steam cleaner they sell at Costco and she likes it well. I use my steam cleaner for my tile countertops, shower and tub, I steam mop the floors and I have cleaned the carpets with it. The steam cleaner works well to take stains out. I also used it today to clean my windows as it has a window attachment. If I locate the one I have online somewhere I will send you the link.

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