4 Weeks To a More Organized Home…Assignment #17

Today’s assignment was to take 15 minutes to clean the bathroom. The other task was to clean the pantry and kitchen cupboards. After our school was done and the kids were doing a science experiment,

I started on the bathroom.

Here it is before:


And here it is after:


Here are my cupboards before

Canned food cupboard before
Spice and baking cupboard before
Chip cupboard before
Pots and pans before
Storage container cupboard before
Appliance and bowl cupboard before
Pantry cupboard before

Our dishes some items need to go.


I cleaned the pantry cupboard first.

The cat got in to inspect as I was emptying it. Well really I think she was looking for her food.

This assignment took me quite a while. I organized all my bulk spices along with getting rid of any food that was expired. The cleaning of the cupboard went fairly fast. It was all the sorting that seemed to slow me down. I also rearranged some items too.

Here are the completed photos

Pantry sorted and organized
Chip and cookie cupboard has more room now.
My spices are now on one shelf and the baking items are organized.
My canned goods more organized.

I organized all my plastic containers and decided to give away about half of them. I had just way too many.

All our dishes arranged nicely.

7 items to purge

After going through all of our cupboards I had more than 7 items to get out of the house. Here are a few items we got rid of.

Well that was a lot of work today. Sorry this post is so late getting up but this task took me all day. But I am glad it is done. Everything looks very nice now.



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  1. It feels so nice to have everything fresh and organized doesn’t it? Our efforts pay off. I only did my food cabinets. I totally missed the others but will try to play catch up tomorrow and get back on track.

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