4 Weeks to a More Organized Home.. Assignment #7

I have decided to join in with Money Saving Mom on her 4 weeks to a more organized home. I am a few assignments late but better late than never right?

So today assignment was to clean the baseboards of the house. Well I thought mine would be pretty good as I usually vacuum them when I am vacuuming the floor. Well you will see what I found.

In our bedroom:

Before the cleaning

Doesn't look too bad

After cleaning

Yuck! Much Worse than it looked.


The bedroom I find is one of the worst areas for dust. We have hardwood floors and the hair and dust bunnies seem to accumulate at a very quick rate.

Now onto the living room:

Here is my before picture

Before it is cleaned a little worse than the bedroom


After it was cleaned

Much Better!

I picked these two areas to photo as they had the most noticeable dust on them. The living room photos were taken under an end table next to the wall. In general I try to vacuum along the baseboards when I vacuum each week but as the photos show a wet rag may be needed to really get those areas clean instead of a vacuum.

I was really surprised at how much dust can accumulate on these baseboard over a short period of time. We have a cat and two dogs so it probably builds up more quickly at our home than in homes without pets.

Did you do the assignment today?


2 thoughts on “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home.. Assignment #7”

    1. If you used a vacuum with a brush it will usually get most if not all of the dust off the baseboards. In our house we seem to build up so much dust probably due to the pet hair. Most of what you see in my picture is hair. I only took pictures of the really bad areas most of my baseboards were really quite clean just a little dust right on the top edge. I find that using a wet rag gets all of the dust really easily.

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