4 Weeks to a More Organized Home…Assignment #9

I got my list together of what tasks I wanted to get done today.


Then once we had our morning homeschool done I started on the assignment for today. Which was to wash all the light switches in the house. I did not realized how many there were in our home until I walked around cleaning them. We have 25 light switches in our home. They were not too dirty as I wipe them down regularly. But I did notice that some of them had dirt in the cracks so I had to get a toothpick to clean those out. Now they are all nice and clean.


We have some older touch dimmers which I forgot to turn off when I wiped them down. With the moisture on them the light kept going up and down. I have done this a few times with these dimmers. We thought about replacing them but we really like them because they are more unique than your average dimmer switch.

Then I went on to cleaning the bathroom. I did not set a timer for this I just decided to work on it until done. I think it took about 30 minutes but now it is done for the week.

Bathroom before
Bathroom after


While I was working on the bathroom. I asked the kids to pick out 3-4 items they no longer use or play with. This was a harder task for my son who said he could not find one thing. After talking to him about how many new items he got for his birthday he found some things he could part with. My daughter did not have any trouble with finding items to part with. So we have about 10 items to give away.

I got all my items done my list today. I really need to remember to make a list as it really does help me to get more done.

Are you joining in on this 4 weeks to a more organized home?


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