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Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 10

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Clutter Busting Challenge Day 10,

Today I recruited my daughter to help me go through her closet. She has a fairly big closet with lots of stuff in it so I thought that would be a good place to work. We just worked for about 15 minutes and found the 7 items to remove for today. It will take us a few days going at this pace but at least moving the clutter out of the closet doesn’t become overwhelming this way.

Today she decided to part with a couple of shirts and lots of flashcards we had in the closet from a couple of years ago. Well maybe more than a couple of years but they are all out now. We also found some rusted paperclips which found their way to the trash also.

Day 10 Clutter Busting

That’s how our clutter busting went for today. How about you? Did you find 7 items to removed from your home today?


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2 thoughts on “Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 10”

  1. I didn’t do this today. I went thrift shopping and brought 10 items home! Yikes! Two dresses for me, one for my daughter, a shirt for hubby, a book for me, three dinosaur books for the kids and a hello kitty coloring book, OH, a connect four game. I’ll be back at it tomorrow. I need to finish cleaning under the girls beds.

    1. I love to go thrift shopping too. I just loves the deals I can get. Sound like you found some great items. Maybe you will find 10 items to remove tomorrow so you will break even. 🙂

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