Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 12

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Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 12

Today we continued our clutter busting efforts in my daughter’s closet. Up on the very top shelf I found some boxes. Now I thought these boxes contained some very important items. But when I opened them up and looked into them. Guess what I found? Nothing at all. We were just storing empty boxes. 🙂 So those ended up in our recycle pile. Along with a few more items.

Day 12 Clutter

How did your clutter busting go for today? 


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4 thoughts on “Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 12”

  1. I am still working in the bedroom my daughters share. Today I found 10 kids books, a toddler size princess vanity (my daughters are 8 and almost 6, I can’t remember the last time I saw them playing with it), I also sorted out their little tiny toys like little pet shop ect. Together we found enough little size toys to fill a gallon size baggie. I hope to finish their room tomorrow.

    1. Amber, I can’t believe you found enough small toys to fill a gallon sized baggie. That’s lots of small toys but they sure to add up. I really like to use baggies to organize the kid’s toys too. I am sure the bedroom is looking really good with the progress you are making. Great job!

    1. Sandra, I am sure with 5 kids you have lots of toys around your house. I know with my two kids I have to stay on top of rotating out the old when the kids get something new to keep them under control. 🙂

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