Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 14

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Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 14

Today we started working on my daughter’s dresser. I could see we needed to go through her clothes when it was hard to get the drawer out because it was so packed full. I decided we would take on just one drawer today and we were able to find our seven items in just one drawer.

Clutter Day 14


We found six t-shirts and one sweater to give away. While we were going through her clothing she pulled out a shirt and said “this is a cute shirt, I didn’t even know I had it.” So we really needed to go through her clothes. 🙂

What did you find while working on your clutter busting today?


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3 thoughts on “Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 14”

  1. I didn’t spend time today decluttering but, I was still able to find two books to add to the yard sale pile.

    1. Amber, that’s great you found a couple things for your yard sale pile. It’s so nice to get all the extra items out of the house isn’t it. 🙂

  2. Lol, Shelly! That’s so funny about your daughter finding that shirt she didn’t know she had. I have similar experiences at my house, except that it’s me that’s surprised. I think one child needs more clothes and then find when I’m going through his drawer that he’s got enough AND I find shirts he’s hardly worn because they were buried. 🙂

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