Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 16

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Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 16

Today we finished up my daughter’s dresser. It took us a little time over the last three days but it is done now. She just has the clothing that fits and the clothing she likes. Today we removed all the socks with holes and some other items she just doesn’t really care for or items that were getting a little to small for her.

Clutter Day 16We removed a pair of jeans, two pairs of short and lots of socks too. Most of the socks will go into the trash as they all have large holes in them. Much to big to repair.

Why is it instead of throwing away the socks with holes in them they make it back into the drawer? Does that happen at your house too?


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2 thoughts on “Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 16”

  1. Socks with holes in them seem to make it back to the drawers here too.

    Today I was able to find six pairs of shoes that no longer fit my youngest daughter. They are now in the yard sale box. I also found a magazine to take to the magazine swap at the library.

    1. That is so nice your library has a magazine swap. I wish our had one. I just share my magazine with my mom-in-law when she comes to visit. 🙂

      I need to find a system to keep the socks with holes from getting back into the drawer. Way to Go on your clutter busting today Amber!

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