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Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 20

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Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 20

Today I decided to go through my junk drawer for the clutter busting challenge. I haven’t really organized it in quite a while so I decided it was a good time to weed through the junk in that drawer. We keep our pens and pencils in the junk drawer along with other items that just don’t seem to belong anywhere else. I found more than 7 items to remove today.

Day 20 Decluttering


I found lots of pens today that just didn’t work well or at all. Don’t you hate grabbing a pen and it doesn’t write? I would always pick the bad ones first so I am glad they are gone now. I also removed our mechanical pencils that just didn’t work any more. I also found little odds and ends of paper (more paper clutter) and yarn and erasers that were broken.

There was also a key chain that been in there forever, along with a broken tape dispenser and I had three of the letter openers so I decided to dispose of one. How many letter openers do I really need? And finally a Duracell screwdriver, we had two in the drawer so one needed to go.

Now my junk drawer doesn’t look quite so junky. šŸ™‚

What did you find in your clutter busting for today?


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1 thought on “Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 20”

  1. What! You’re getting rid of a perfectly good keychain and letter opener! (Just kidding!) I’ve been wondering why I tend to hold on so much “perfectly good” things for so long, even though I don’t need them and really sometimes don’t even want them. But they’re “perfectly good”, so it feels like such a waste, until I do it, then I feel free!

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