Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 6

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Clutter Busting Challenge, Day 6

I continued working in my son’s room to finish up the boxes he has on his bookshelves. He didn’t want to help today so I was working on my own. I found a few toy items that we no longer have the other parts to so those were added to the pile. Along with a puzzle and a coloring booklet that hasn’t been used in months.

Day 6 Clutter Busting Items


We also found a cut off sleeve that was being saved for some reason and a few other paper items that needed to go. I also found an Old Navy bag in my bedroom today. When I looked inside I found a receipt. From when you might ask? From 2009! Yes that bag has been hanging around our house for 4 years, just sitting around all tuck away out of sight. Well I am really embarrassed that I hadn’t found it before now.

How did your clutter busting go today?


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