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Organizing My Junk Drawer

Do you have a junk drawer in your house?

Does it ever get really messy? I think the name “junk drawer” tends to make us think of a drawer with many odds and ends thrown into it. That description accurately describes ours. Usually we just dig through the drawer get what is needed and adjust what is sticking up and close it again. About 2-3 times a year I go through it to clean it up and make it nice and neat at least for a little while. 😉

Here is what I had to start with when I decided it was time to clean the junk drawer again.

Everything was just thrown in there and we could never find anything we needed.

Now we can find what we need.

Now we can locate the item we need when we need it. I did not have any little organizing baskets so I cut up a cardboard box to make the pencil and pen holders. These little cardboard ones will work for now. I also used some old medication bottle to store little like items together. So we don’t have a bunch of little items in the bottom of the drawer.

It just took me about 15 minutes to sort all the items and put them back in. Eventually I would like to get some dividers or baskets to keep everything in its own place but for now this will work.

Do you have a junk drawer that needs to be cleaned up?


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2 thoughts on “Organizing My Junk Drawer”

  1. Our junk drawer has stayed pretty clean since I last cleaned it out. My problem is the utensil drawer! With so many different-sized items in there, nothing can really stay in place and it’s constantly a mess. I may have to look for some of those drawer organizers to see if I can corral everything into some order.

    1. Our junk drawer is the most used drawer. I think I need to organize it once a month to keep it looking good. My untensil drawer has less stuff in it because I have a crock to keep most of my cooking untensils in it on the counter. But if I had it all in a drawer I am sure it would get messy without drawer organizers.

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