My Quest for a Clutter Free Home, The Guest Bedroom

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The Guest Bedroom

This is the last room I needed to declutter, to get through my whole house this year and I just finished it. I was really motivated since we will have family coming to visit and this room had become a catch all for so many things. We had the items we were donating stacked in the room, along with my son’s big wheel, a bunch of pictures I’m storing for my sister and other items that just needed to find their place.

Here’s what we had to start with,

My son wanted to help me so he helped me clear out and clean up the room. First we cleared out all the extra items that didn’t belong in the room, there was a lot of them. Then I put the fabric away into the storage containers and cleared out the items to donate. After all the items were cleared out,  it was time to dust and clean.

Oh, how much dust can build up in a short amount of time. I do believe I have dust bunnies that run all over my house scattering dust, while we sleep. The basement, even though it is a finished basement is the worst for building up dust. After all the dusting was done I pulled out my steam cleaner to spot clean the rug and make it good as new.

So with all the clutter removed and the cleaning done, I just needed to organize a few things and  the room was done. All ready for our guests again and not the catch all room it had been just a short time before.

That brings me to the end of my decluttering for this year. I made it through all of the rooms in my house and I’m so glad to be done. I have kept most of the clutter at bay in most of the rooms I completed. I also notice that once each room was organized and decluttered it was so much easier to keep clean.

I still have a few closets to go through but with Christmas coming those will have to wait until next year. All in all, my house is in so much better shape than it was this time last year. I’m so glad I decided to declutter.

Did you do any decluttering this month?


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