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Update: Taking Control of My Clutter..Finishing My Son’s Room

Clutter Free Home Quest

Another month is gone from this year and another room has been decluttered. I already had a head start on my son room as we decluttered some of it for the Clutter Busting Challenge in May. So we only needed to tackle the bookshelf, the top of his bunk bed and the toy box. Here’s a few photos of what we started with,



Bunk Bed before

Toy Box Before

There wasn’t too much to remove just a few outdated toys that went into the donation pile. The donation pile is huge, we really need to remember to pack it up into the car so I can get it out of the basement. Here’s the after photos,


Son's Bookshelf After

Bunk Bed After Cleaning


Toy Box After

I only have a couple more rooms to go in our house. The family room which I am really dreading (It includes our home office too so it always seems cluttered and messy) and the guest bedroom which I will more than likely tackle next month. I would love to be done by October before we get into the holiday season.

Have you done any decluttering  recently?


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1 thought on “Update: Taking Control of My Clutter..Finishing My Son’s Room”

  1. You are doing a great job at getting rid of all the extra clutter in your house! My personal pet peeve about my kids’ rooms are all the stuffed animals….they take up so much space, but my kids have special memories attached to each one, so it’s hard to get rid of them.

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