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Update: Taking Control of My Clutter, Bathroom

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 My Bathroom Decluttering is Done

I was so glad I picked to declutter my bathroom for this month. I picked the bathroom because it was small and after taking on the kitchen I needed something a little easier. This room is smaller but I was really surprised at how bad our bathroom drawers were. 🙁

The drawers were all cluttered with lots of stuff, some of the stuff was just empty boxes without anything in left in them. Other items were items that had just been pushed to the back and forgotten about. Other items were all over the drawer like my hair bands.

Here’s the before and after pictures of the drawers, I have to warn you those drawers were pretty bad.

Before Drawer Three


After Drawer Three


Before drawer one

After Drawer One


Before Drawer Two

After Drawer TwoNow my drawer was the absolute worst of them all. How did it get this bad I don’t really know. But I am so glad to have it cleaned up again.

Before Drawer Four

After Drawer Four


Now that I have fully horrified you we will move onto the cupboards of which there is only two. Both of the cupboards weren’t too bad. I just had to remove some old towels and organize a bit and they looked so much better.

Here’s the pictures,

Before Towel Cupboard

After Towel Cupboard


Bathroom cupboard


After Under The CupboardThat looks so much better. Now when I open a cupboard or a drawer I don’t have to stuff things back in just to get it shut again. I am glad to have one more room down in my quest for a clutter free home.

Did you do any decluttering at your house?




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