30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Update Projects #12-14

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Projects #12-14, Clean the Closets, Deep Clean the Bedrooms or Surface Clean the Extra Rooms Update

How did your cleaning go today? I was pleased with how my cleaning went. I imagined my son’s closet being a lot more work than it actually turned out to be. My daughter’s closet wasn’t too bad either, there is just such a mixture of items in her closet it is hard to make it look really organized.

Here is what we started with,

Before Closets

Not very pretty pictures are they. At my house our closets are the least organized places in our home. I would love to have those closets like you see in magazines where everything is just right in it’s just right place. But I don’t live in a magazine world where no one ever touches the stuff in the closets. 🙂 So I do my best to organize and then try to keep the clutter at a minimum.

After working about an hour this is what our closets looked like,

Daughter's Closet #1 after Daughters Closet After Son's closet After Entry Closet After


That’s better. Still not magazine perfect by any means but much improved. At least there isn’t any boxes or items falling on the floor and you can open the door without things falling on you. Which is always a plus. 🙂

What area of your home did you take on today?


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6 thoughts on “30 Day House Cleaning Challenge…Update Projects #12-14”

  1. Betsy @ Romance on a Dime

    Your closets looks great!! You got a lot done. I was only able to tackle one closet today, but better that than nothing.

    1. Betsy, I was not looking forward to doing the closets. My least favorite cleaning job. I like to close the closet doors and forget about the mess. So this task was one I really needed to do. Good for you tackling a closet today too. I find the hardest areas to keep clean and decluttered are the ones that are out of sight.

    1. I am thankful to be half way done with the closets. I really need to get to the other three. I know what you mean by them driving you crazy.

  2. Looks awesome! I did not do the closets this weekend…maybe this weekend I will tackle them. I deep cleaned my car this weekend, looks so awesome!

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