31 Days of Homemaking (Day 1)

Day 1

Homemaking is…

I saw the graphic above over at Pinterest. Of course I had to pin it. I thought what a great graphic for my first post of my 31 days of homemaking. When I read through this list I feel these are all things I want for my home, for my family.

I am so thankful my mom was a stay at home mom when I was growing up. It was not the popular thing to do in that day. Most of my friends mom’s worked. I always knew if I needed my mom she would be there for me. She was at home or not far from home. It was a feeling of security to me. My mom taught me many things growing up in the way of chores. I hated doing my chores as a child, but as a homemaker now I am thankful for what I learned.

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I would hate to think there might come a time when homemaking would not be considered a career. Homemaking is so important to the well-being of the family. I think the homemaker can bring a security and love to each person in the family.

But as many of you know this job is not an easy one. One that most of us don’t feel as prepared for as we need. I know so much about what I know about homemaking I learned on the job. So things at my home are not always perfect, not always done on time, but they are always done with as much love as I can give.

I hope you will join me on this journey of 31 Day of Homemaking. I don’t know quite where it will lead. Over the next 31 days I will share about my homemaking. I hope you will share your thoughts too.


6 thoughts on “31 Days of Homemaking (Day 1)”

  1. I agree Shelly! I feel like our home is much less crazy since I’m here to get all the laundry, cooking and grocery shopping done during the day, so that we can focus on family time in the evenings and on the weekends. I know my husband appreciates the clean clothes in the dresser and the homemade muffins, etc. that he takes to work. I hope my little ones learn to appreciate it when they are older 🙂

  2. Enjoyed Day 1! Homemaking is a career and one that needs to be protected and promoted. Looking forward to the remaining 30 days of your posting.

  3. Michelle@Life on the Funny Farm

    There have been many times that I’ve asked my husband if I should get a job to help out financially, and my sweet man has always said “you have a job right here. we need you here.” My kids don’t know anything else. I will never forget the look on my boys’ faces when they realized that not all moms stay at home. I am so thankful that I can be at home. It’s not always easy financially but it is so worth it.

    1. You made me smile with your comment about your boys being suprised that all mom don’t stay home. My husband works hard so I can stay home and I so appreciate it. It is true that financially it is not always easy but the value of being home with your kids so outweighs any of the hardships.

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