31 Days of Homemaking Day 10

Make cleaning a game, get the kids involved.

My son rolling on the floor instead helping clean
Kids having fun while helping clean


My kids are old enough to help around the house. But they don’t always want to. Especially my little boy who just likes to play. As you can see from him rolling on the floor in the picture above when he was supposed to be helping. So when we are doing our home cleaning each week I will set a timer for each level of our home. Since we have an upstairs, downstairs and a main floor we usually will work for about 45 minutes to an hour. Or about 15-20 minutes per floor.

I set a timer and encouraging the kids to do the best they can as fast as they can. By doing this simple little thing of setting the timer, it is more like a game for them. We usually end up laughing because our two dogs think we have all went mad running around cleaning so quickly.

With all of us working it helps to get the job done more quickly. The house looks great and the time spend is not as much as if one person was working all on their own. If you don’t have kids or if you work outside the home you might want to set aside a little time each day to work on cleaning the house. This way you do a little cleaning each day but also have time to do something else you like too.

You have to clean the house anyway, why not make it as enjoyable as you can? We like to have fun cleaning at our house. What do you do to make tasks like cleaning more enjoyable?





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