31 Days of Homemaking Day 2

Homemaking it’s all about attitude,

What is your attitude like?

Do you have a good attitude about your homemaking duties? I know my attitude isn’t always the best. I have also noticed if I am having a bad day I can affect my whole family. My kids will act up more and be on edge more. My husband will turn from a good mood to bad when I have an attitude.

So I guess the saying is true. If Momma isn’t happy, nobody is happy. So how can we have a good attitude about our home duties?

I know for myself I used to hate unloading the dishwasher. I would run the dishwasher and then forget I had run the load. As I opened the dishwasher to add more dirty dishes I would hear the slap of the detergent door opening. I would grumble to myself about how I would have to unload the dishwasher before I could load the dirty dishes in the sink.

Now you may be saying stop your grumbling! You have a wonderful dishwasher to clean your dishes and I don’t even have a dishwasher to use. You are right. One day that very thought hit me. Why are you grumbling? When you don’t even have to wash them by hand. There are many places in the world and they don’t even have running water. Since that day anytime I hear the sound of the soap door slapping open I try to be thankful for the wonderful machines I have to help me in my home.

So how is your attitude about some of your homemaking duties? Remember an attitude can be contagious. What kind of attitude do you want to spread to your family?


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