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31 Days of Spring Cleaning Tasks

Want to get started with your spring cleaning? Sign up for the 31 days of spring cleaning tasks to be delivered right to your email.

I don’t know about you, but when spring comes I love to let the light into my home. But with all that light you can see all the dust and dirt that has built up over the winter. Seeing all that dust and dirt makes me want to clean, spring clean that is.

A good deep cleaning of the whole house is really what is needed. After my spring cleaning is done the house looks so great and I’m set for another year before I really need to do a good deep cleaning.

If you want the winter out of your house, you can grab the spring cleaning ecourse below.

What’s the Spring Cleaning E-course like?

When you sign up, you will get an email each day, for 5 days, with tasks to work on for that day. We will start with the front of the house, work our way through all the rooms, and end back in the yard. By the end of the course your house should be looking really great.

After 5 days of tasks, you’ll have a break for two days. It will give you a break from cleaning, or time to catch up on the tasks if you fell behind.

Get your spring cleaning started. Sign up for the 31 day Spring Cleaning challenge.

If you are ready to get rid of all the dirt and dust hanging out in your home. You can find out more about the spring cleaning course by clicking the button below. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!

PS you don’t have to wait until spring to do spring cleaning, you can do it any time of the year.

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