4 Weeks to a More Organized Home…Simplified {Day 14}

Today started out really slow for me as I was just dragging. My son was up for about an hour last night coughing and gagging and then vomiting. So after I cleaned up my son, cleaned up the bed and then we finally got back into bed it was about an hour later. I was not looking forward to getting up this morning.

But once I got moving I was alright just a little slower than usual. For today’s assignment from Crystal, I got dressed in just sweats and a long-sleeved shirt. Nothing fancy just something easy to grab and get put on. This outfit is not something I feel super great in but at least it is comfortable.

Today I also actually remembered to get my to do list made. As you might remember from yesterday that is something I forgot to do. The picture below is after I had marked off some of the items because I forgot to take the picture as I made the list. But at least the list was made today. 🙂

I went on to clean the mirrors and the sliding glass door. I had already cleaned the mirror in the bathroom yesterday and so that just left me two other mirrors to clean and the sliding glass door. I went ahead and cleaned the inside and outside of the slider as it really needed it from all the wind and rain we have been having lately.

 Then it was time to tackle the junk drawer and utensil drawer. As you can see from the before pictures these drawers were in disarray. I think the junk drawer was in much better shape than the utensil drawer.

This last picture is of the items I removed from the junk drawer. There was a bunch of little pieces of yarn all wadded up in the drawer. If I had to take a guess as to how they got there, I would have to say my daughter went to put the scissors away with a bunch of yarn pieces she was throwing away and ended up putting them both into the drawer. I also found some old water balloons that were so old they had melted into the bag. Oh well at least the drawers are all cleaned out. Now comes the more difficult part, keeping them that way.

Did you find anything odd while you were cleaning today?


6 thoughts on “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home…Simplified {Day 14}”

  1. Oh goodness, I’ve been bagging up a lot of garbage every day I do this challenge whether it’s holey socks from our bedroom drawers, extra random silverware from the silverware drawer (which I donated to work) or…unlabeled measuring spoons. Yes, I got rid of a measuring spoon that didn’t actually have a measurement on it yesterday. It looked to be about a Tbl but since I already have 3 sets of spoons, with lovely clear labels, I didn’t think a 4th unlabeled Tbl was necessary to keep and I tossed it.

    I also found an abundance of chopsticks in the utensil drawer. I promptly returned them to the chopstick holder in the kitchen. Yes, we have one of those. Doesn’t everyone? We don’t have a junk drawer though so arranging the chopsticks in my chopstick holder was my other task 🙂

  2. Oh boy, I totally forgot to clean the windows yesterday. It’s actually one of my daughter’s chores, so I guess it’s good that I didn’t do it.

    I didn’t find anything odd while cleaning out my drawers, just a bunch of old papers that we didn’t need. I’m so bad about throwing things like that away because I’m always afraid that we’ll need them someday.

  3. Isn’t it amazing the things that end up tucked in those drawers? I was glad to throw away a little piece of Tupperware that held the lid to some long-lost pitcher away. I have no idea why we would still have had it. I hope everyone at your home is on the mend today!

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