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4 Weeks to a More Organized Home..Simplified {Day 20}

Today is the last day of this series. Here is Crystal’s assignment for today. The first part of today’s assignment was to get dressed in something you love. I dressed in a sweater and jeans.

Second on my list was to make my to do list. I got it done today too. That makes for  a list each day this week. I think in all the other weeks of this challenge I missed at least one day of making my to do list, so I am making some progress.

Third was to organized the medicine cupboard. Since we store our medicine in a basket in the closet I just grabbed it out and took a look at it. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too messy. I clean it up back in the spring and got rid of all of our expired medications so I just needed to re-arrange everything today.

Lastly was to do something you love. So for today I made up some of the cookie dough for the cookies I will be baking to give to friends and neighbors for Christmas. I ended up making 4 rolls of chocolate chip cookie dough, 3 rolls of sugar cookie dough, 2 rolls of peanut butter cookie dough and 2 rolls of gingersnap cookie dough. That’s 11 rolls. Each roll will make 3 dozen cookies so I am well on my way with my Christmas baking. 🙂 I just popped them into the freezer and once I have all my candy made I will bake all the cookies in one day. Then assemble the Christmas plates so I can deliver them.

I hope your home is looking better like mine is. I am happy to have done this series, I think if I went through this series once every three to four months my home would stay so nice and organized.

What did you do for fun today?


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