4 Weeks to a More Organized Home…Simplified {Day 4}

This morning seemed to fly right by. I got dressed again in comfortable pants but today with a long sleeved shirt it was quite cold last night for the first time in a while. I forgot to get my to do list together but at least I remember everything I needed to get done, I think. 🙂 Crystal had assigned to do the bathroom, under the bed and under the furniture today for cleaning.

I finished the kids homeschooling with them and while they were working on a project I hurried off to do the bathroom. I have been really good about keeping up with cleaning the bathroom so I just needed to do the usual. Clean up around the sink. Get the tooth paste splatter off the mirror (we have an electric toothbrush the kids use and it splatters a lot.) and clean the toilet. I will clean the shower tonight while I take my shower. It works great and is much easier.


I have a little system set up to get the bathroom done quickly. First I remove everything from the counter and remove the bath mat. Then I spray the counter and toilet to let the cleaner start working. While the cleaner is working I quickly vacuum the floor and clean the mirror. For the mirror I use one wet rag and scrub it and then follow-up with a dry cloth. It works really well and I don’t need a separate cleaner this way.

Once I have the mirror clean, I just wipe down the counter and sink. Then I clean the toilet. Then all that is left is to spray cleaner on the floor and wipe it up. Once the floor is dry I put everything back and the bathroom is done.


Between my daughter and myself our hair ties can get out of hand so I put most of them back into the drawer and just kept  a few in the dish on the counter. The bathroom looks great I hope it stay that way but usually it doesn’t last that long.

After lunch it was onto cleaning under the beds. Both the master bed and my son’s bed are platform type beds. I moved out my sons bed and vacuumed under it. The master bed has drawers under it so I took out the drawers and cleaned up the dust bunnies. How do so many get under a bed that is inclosed I will never know.

My daughter vacuumed under her own bed and did a great job. Even though her brother kept turning the vacuum on and off while she was under the bed. Little brothers can be so helpful at times.

I didn’t need to clean under my furniture as I did that not but a week or two ago so under the furniture was still good.

How about you, did you get some cleaning done today?


2 thoughts on “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home…Simplified {Day 4}”

  1. I cleaned our main bathroom and stuck to under the living room furniture yesterday but am thinking I may need to go check out under the beds today. I like your system for cleaning your bathroom.

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