4 Weeks to a More Organized Home…Simplified {Day 8}

Today’s assignment from Crystal was to get dressed in something you love, make a to do list, clean the door knobs and a dresser drawer. I got dressed in my capri pants today with long sleeves. It was a little chilly but as you can tell I am just not ready to let go of my capris for the winter.

I didn’t get my to do list done this morning. I just forgot to write one out today, instead I just jumped right into the day. I worked on school with the kids and we were able to finish up the schooling by lunch time today. Then we got started on the our cleaning.

I decided we need to do a drawer in each of the kids dressers. So I went with my son to his room to help him while my daughter went to pick a drawer to work on in her own room. I think my son needs little organizing dividers like the one you can purchase at Ikea. His socks always seem to get lost under other articles of clothing over time. We took all the items out of his drawer and he organized the socks and underwear into  piles while I worked on folding the shirts and pajamas.

Everything looks all nice and neat in their own area of the drawer. Now only if we could get it to stay organized. I guess it is good we need to organized the drawers every once in a while. It helps me to remember to sort through the clothes and remove any clothes that the kids have outgrown.

My daughter did a great job on her own drawer. Here is the before,

and the after photo,

The kids were also really good about helping to clean all the door knobs and we even did the light switches too. They took the upstairs while I worked on the main floor and we finished up the basement together.

Do you clean your door knobs more often during this time of year to cut down on the germs in your home?


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