5 Must Do’s to Save Time

5 tips to help you save time each day.


As a homemaker there is always more to do than you have enough time for. With jobs outside the house you get to leave the unfinished work behind but with homemaking you don’t.

Working efficiently is a must, to get all your task done each day. I have to say some days, I do better than others at staying focused and getting done what is most important. Because lets face it, you have to get the most important things done first, because you just can’t do it all, everyday.

Have a Plan

Write out a plan for your day, either first thing in the morning or the night before. Having a plan can help keep you focused on what’s most important and keep those time sucks away. I try to make my list of what I want to get done. Then I look over the list to see what I need to get done. I tackle the most important items first.

Get Your Rest

Getting enough sleep is so important. If you are tired and run down, you just won’t have the energy to tackle the day. You will just drag through your day, barely getting by, if you haven’t had enough rest.

I try to get to bed at the same time each night. Which helps me fall asleep better and helps me get a good nights rest. When I get off this schedule, I really feel it. I can’t get as much done and I’m cranky.

Stay on Task

Once you start a task stay with it until it is completed. I know you might think multitasking will help you get more done but I find in the long run it takes me longer. Focusing on what you are doing can help you get it completed so much faster than jumping from thing to thing.

This is the one area I struggle with the most. I will start doing something. Then my kids will need something. Then I’ll get a Facebook or Twitter alert. Then I will see something that needs to be cleaned. And so goes my day going from one thing to the next without getting much done.

I find that if I really concentrate  on each task, I do a better job and get more done. The day goes smoother, more gets done and everyone is so much happier.

Do Less or Say No

This is one area I don’t struggle much with any more. I learned a while ago that there are lots of things I could be doing at home and beyond. But when I say yes to something, that means I have to say no to something I already do, at least for a while.

It’s always good to weigh the cost of each obligation and guard your time well. If you don’t you won’t have enough time for the really important things.

Do Like Tasks Together

Do things together when you can. If I am washing lettuce for a salad, I might as well wash enough for the whole week or at least a few days. It will save me time in the end.

When I need to fold clothes, I can just do the folding or I can get caught up on some tv time while I’m folding clothes. The clothes won’t mind and I get a little break. This is also a good time to watch videos on YouTube  or even Swagbucks videos to earn a few more points.


What do you do to save time? I would love to have you share your time saving tips in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “5 Must Do’s to Save Time”

  1. Oh I am forever getting distracted by something and then come back to find the washing half loaded into the machine or the lunch stuff still on the kitchen counter!

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