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Our Family Get Together

We had a good day yesterday with our family. We got together for a barbecue and spent time with one another. I love holidays because we can spend time with those we love. Sometimes you need a holiday to take time to get together. We had my husband’s parents over this weekend and then my family came over on Monday. So our weekend was busy but a good busy.

I had said I would be making a Hamburger cake so I thought I would share a picture of it with you.


I had not made one of these for about a year or so. I was a little out of practice but I think it turned out good. These cakes are very sweet but so good. I will post next month on how to assemble one yourself in case you want to make one too. You can do everything from scratch, which is what I  do because of a milk allergy or you can go with store bought cake mix and frosting.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!


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6 thoughts on “Our Family Get Together”

  1. That is SO neat! I will have to try that one day. My son would think it’s silly as he always says but I know he would love it. Great job! Yesterday was my sons birthday in addition to memorial day so we had some cake too 🙂

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