Simple Daily Household Routine that Works

Do you have a daily household routine that works for you? A routine you do each day to keep your house running smoothly? I know I never really thought about establishing routines. I had things I did each day but when my daughter was born and then ended up having some ongoing health issues routines became something to help us keep her health stable.

Make your home easier to keep up with. It’s easy to do with regular homemaking routines. Routines help to keep our home running smoothly. I’m sharing a few of our routines and how they help keep our home and days on track.

Over the years, our household routines have changed but now I don’t think I could run my house without them. So many times my daily household routines have kept things going smoothly even though we have had busy or stressful times in our lives. During these busy times, my routines have really saved my sanity.

Some people might call them routines or systems to keeping things running smoothly, but whatever you call them when you establish routines or systems that work for your family things just get done. And if you include the whole family in the household routines if someone can’t do one task another person can. It’s what’s so great about having a routine. When you have set routines, it frees up time for other things, important things and that’s what living more simply is all about.

Daily Household Routines that Work for Us

Paper Routine

I know I’ve talked about paper clutter a lot so far in this series, but it’s one area that can be hard to control. I know I’ve established a routine for the mail. The only mail that gets brought into the house is an item that need to be address, paid or filed away. If it’s not important it goes directly into the recycling. If it is important, it gets opened and taken to the desk. It’s in the proper place so I can find it later.

Do it Right Way

Doing tasks right away and not putting them off has been a real help in my household routine. If I see something on the floor I’ll pick it up, instead of waiting until I vacuum like I used to do. If something needs to be put away it gets put away instead of placed on the counter or at a spot that will need to be cleared from later. By taking care of it, right away it’s done and doesn’t need to be thought about anymore. Which in the end really saves time.

Everyone Pitches In

When everyone helps with tasks around the house they just get done faster. Get the kids to help dust and vacuum. Have everyone help clear the table after a meal and wash dishes. It might take a little time to establish this routine with your family but once it is, you’ll alway have help.

Quick Clean Ups

Take time twice a day to pick up items. This is a really good routine to establish with kids since toys get left out all the time. I try to make it a game by setting the timer for 5 minutes and seeing if we can get everything put away before the timer goes off. It helps to keep all the room tidy and things put away and it only takes a few minutes a day.

In your quick clean up times, you might want to include a de-cluttering of horizontal surfaces. Those counters and end tables that just are a magnet for stuff to be left on. By taking a few minutes twice a day to keep the horizontal surfaces clear your house will look so much better and at only minutes a day.

Make your home easier to keep up with. It’s easy to do with regular homemaking routines. Routines help to keep our home running smoothly. I’m sharing a few of our routines and how they help keep our home and days on track.

Laundry Days

I think establishing laundry days came about at our home when my kids were in cloth diapers. I had set days I would do the laundry to make sure we didn’t run out of diapers. When the kids were out of diapers I just continued the practice. Depending on the size of your family, you might need to wash every day. If your family is smaller you might have to wash once a week. I wash two to three times a week. I always do laundry on Mondays and Fridays but if I find we have an extra load mid week I’ll wash then too. I like to keep my wash days to two loads so I have enough time to wash, dry, fold and put away all in the one day.

Menu Plan

We all have to eat and having a plan whether it be for the week or for the month can take the pressure off come 4 pm when it’s time to make dinner. Menu planning can save money and time. It’s one of those household routines I’d be lost without it. We eat better and a more varied diet because I meal plan. If you need help getting started with menu planning, you can find help and a free menu plan printable too.

Morning Routine

I find my day gets off to a good start when I start the night before. I put out my clothes, decided what is a priority for the next day and then clean up the kitchen before bed. Doing these few tasks lets me greet the day with an empty clean sink and a plan for the day. When I stick to my morning routine, my day just gets off to a better start and I don’t feel like I’m already behind when I wake up.

On Busy Days, Focus

Some days can be really busy. When we have to go out or do something we don’t normally do. When we have days like this I give myself grace and just focus on what is most important. If a task can wait until the next day, let it go. Knowing how to adjust to a busy day and giving yourself the freedom to alter your daily household routine to focus on what is important for that day can relieve stress and make the day go so much smoother.

I would love to hear a system or routine that works great for your household. Scroll down to share your ideas in the comments below.

Get the free daily routine printable by clicking the photo below.

Make your home easier to keep up with. It’s easy to do with regular homemaking routines. Routines help to keep our home running smoothly. I’m sharing a few of our routines and how they help keep our home and days on track.

3 thoughts on “Simple Daily Household Routine that Works”

  1. These are great tips, Shelly! Having our kids help out with chores each and every day is what works in our family. For example, sometimes my husband or I will start a load of laundry, but many times, my two older kids will start a load or switch a load. Anyone of us could also take the load out of the dryer and most of the time my oldest daughter, Breanna, is the one who folds the laundry and then I put it away (or we have the kids come and take their piles).

    It’s similar for the dishes…my husband, son, or I will wash the dishes or load the dishwasher, and then my oldest son unloads the dishwasher and puts the dishes away. Sometimes my daughter dries the dishes that might be sitting out air drying, etc… I could say a lot more, but definitely having everyone pitch in works for us. 🙂

    1. Sounds like you have good help around your house. I know my kids help out a lot around the house too. It just makes getting things done so much easier when everyone helps. 🙂

  2. It’s amazing how simple routines can really help make your day go more smoothly!

    I do the same thing with my mail…it gets sorted as soon as it comes into the house. All the junk goes into recycling and the rest goes into my basket for dealing with later (bills for paying after pay day, coupons, etc.)

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