How to do Spring Cleaning, The Bedroom

How to do spring cleaning, in the bedroom

This time of year it’s always great to freshen up the house with the arrival of spring. All the dust, muck and dirt that can be brought in over the winter, can really go unnoticed until spring arrives. Then you might look around and realize, that the house really needs to a good spring cleaning.

If you’ve been following along, I hope you found how to create a personalized spring cleaning plan and the tips in how to do spring cleaning in the living room, helpful. I know spring cleaning can be a big job but if you tackle it room by room, doing the tasks that really need to be done, it will all be done in no time.

I want to share a few tips for spring cleaning in the bedroom. I know if I’m not careful our bedroom can get filled with item that don’t belong there and can get quite cluttered.

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How to do Spring Cleaning in the Bedroom

First you’ll want to gather supplies. Here’s what I use,

Long handled duster (to get to those high cobwebs and clean the corners)
Glass and Polishing Cloth
Furniture Polish and/or Dusting Wand 

Start by Decluttering

Before you start to do a deep cleaning in the bedroom, it’s helpful to declutter the room. This step doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Grab a box and quickly go around the room picking up items that don’t belong. Just place them in the box and we will take care of them later. Set the box of decluttered items into the another room.

Window Coverings

The first step I like to tackle is the window covering. The window coverings can be the most neglected areas in the bedroom. They can really build up dust and it’s best to remove them first. If your window covering are washable take them down and place in the washer and start it. This way they will be done and ready to go back up at the end of the tasks. It might also be a good time to take the bedding off the bed to place in the washer too. If your bedding is all washable.

If the window coverings aren’t washable you might want to vacuum them to remove any surface dirt or take them down to have them dry cleaned. For mini blinds, if they are not too bad, they can be washed in place with a damp rag or vacuuming might be enough. If they are really dirty, removing them and washing them in the tub might be the best plan.

Work from Top to Bottom

After the window covering are removed it’s time to start working on cleaning the room. I like to start from the top of the room and work my way down.

I will clean the ceiling with a nice long handled duster. Removing any cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. Then move onto the light fixtures. Remove the light fixture cover and clean well. If you have a ceiling fan be sure to dust the blades. They tend to build up lots of dust.

Washing the Walls

After the ceiling and light fixtures are cleaned, I like to clean the walls. My walls always look quite clean but I’m alway amazed at how much dirt is stuck to them when I start to clean. You’ll have to decided if you need to do a full washing of the walls or if spot cleaning will be enough. At our house I always wash all the walls.

When washing walls start at the top and work your way down. My favorite tool for this job is an e-cloth and warm water. But if you don’t have an e-cloth, a sponge or rag with a bucket of warm soapy water will work too.

Start at the top and then work your way down. Once the wall is done be sure to clean the baseboard on that wall too. Make sure to remove any pictures from the wall and wipe them off before you start cleaning the wall.

If there is a window on the wall your working on. Be sure to clean the window and window sill as you work on that wall. This is one reason why I like the e-cloths so much, they can be used on all types of surfaces and clean the windows well.

As you work your way around the room, be sure to pull the furniture away from the wall, to clean behind it. The dust can really build up in the bedroom.

Dusting the Furniture

Now that the walls are done, it’s time to tackle the dust on and under the furniture. If you decluttered earlier, this job shouldn’t be too bad. As you are dusting the surfaces in the bedroom, be sure to dust any decorative items as you move them. A damp rag works really well for this task.

After dusting, if you need to flip the mattress now would be a good time. If you store items under your bed remove them and dust them as needed. Then get the vacuum out and really clean under the bed. We have a platform bed with drawers under it. So I remove the drawers, vacuum and then wash the hardwood floor. It’s a big job, but gets all the dust out that can really build up.

When spring cleaning the living room you'll wan to start at the top of the room and work your way down. Save vacuuming for the last step.


Now that the rest of the room is cleaned it’s time to tackle the floor. If you have carpeting, you’ll want to vacuum well. If you have hardwood floors, you might want to vacuum and follow up with a lightly dampened rag. Be sure to dry the hardwood floors after cleaning them too. I find the vacuum doesn’t do quite as good of a job as a damp rag does.

Sort through the Box

Now that the bedroom is looking great. It’s time to sort through the box of items you decluttered from the bedroom and put them away, or put them into a donate box or into the trash.

Take some time to enjoy your nicely cleaned bedroom. I’m sure after all the cleaning you’ll get a good nights sleep. I know I did after cleaning ours.

What is the worst area to clean in your bedroom?

ps, the worst area in our bedroom is under the bed.

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  1. The area behind the nightstands and the headboard are always so dusty. I don’t move them every time I vacuum in there because they are so heavy…I have to wait until my husband is off from work on a day during the week so that he can help me move them.

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