Make the Most of Your Mornings Day 1 and Day 2

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Crystal over at Money Saving Mom is starting a new 3 week challenge called Make the Most of Your Mornings. So I decided to follow along. The first day was a commitment to follow along so I did not post anything yesterday. Today was the first assignment.

Here was the assignment for today to implement tomorrow morning.

Determine a bedtime.

She said to make sure to plan to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night.

     My bedtime is 10:30. 

To help my mornings go more smoothly she suggested to plan and do things the night before to help prepare for the next morning. She suggested picking my top 5 must do’s before bed.

Here is what I picked for my Top 5

  1. Get bread out for breakfast if needed
  2. Put dishes into dishwasher and run dishwasher if needed
  3. 15 minutes quick clean up of any messy areas of the house
  4. Take meat out of the freezer for next evenings dinner
  5. Make a to do list for the next day
So this is what I am going to work on doing tonight and I will let you know how I did with this assignment tomorrow. Some of these items on my list I usually do but I don’t always do so I am hoping by doing all of them I can have less stressful mornings. I am hoping over the next three weeks to get established in a system that will help get us into a routine for when we start our regular homeschooling again.


So how about you, do you have a morning routine?


3 thoughts on “Make the Most of Your Mornings Day 1 and Day 2”

  1. I’m trying to start going to bed early again, so that I can get up before the kids do. It’s just that night time feels so nice sometimes that I don’t want to go to bed, because I finally have time to just relax. I know I’d be more productive in the morning, though, without any kids awake….so I’m still going to work on making this happen. I used to do it all the time, but then got out of the routine and here I am now…a night owl again.

    1. I used to go to bed right at 9:30 or 10:00. Then I started staying up just a little later and later until I was up until 12:00 some nights. Then I would just drag in the morning. I am usually a morning person always have been but this was a new pattern for me. Now I am working on getting to bed on time. I do so much better when I keep to the same sleep schedule each day.

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